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Chris Jennell
Las Vegas, NV
Chris Jennell started his piercing career in late 2000 and since then has had the opportunity to work with some of the best companies within our industry. Traveling from coast to coast, he has built a name within the industry and a vast client base. Now in his 16th year of piercing Chris has found himself in Las vegas working as the head piercer for Club Tattoo. Along his way, he has worked for gold body jewelry manufactures and learned the behind the scenes with how fine jewelry is made. With this knowledge, he has been able to design multiple styles of jewelry that are widely used in the industry today. Chris has been a member of the Association of Professional Piercers since 2005.
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Jef Saunders
Ann Arbor, MI
Jef Saunders has been a body piercer since the late 1990’s.He has taken classes with Fakir Musafar, Sky Renfro, and the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). He has also been a body piercing educator since 2004, instructing for the Fakir Intensives, the APP, the Latin American Body Piercing Association (LBP), the United Kingdom Association of Professional Piercers (UKAPP), the Brazilian Piercing Studies Group (GEP), and his own independent classes, Advanced Fundamentals of Body Piercing. Jef has served on the APP Board of Directors as Membership Liaison and APP President. In 2015, Jef was presented with the APP President’s Award.
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Luis Garcia
Philadelphia, PA
Luis has been a professional body piercer for over 20 years, and has also been a piercing educator for over 10 years, traveling all over the world sharing his knowledge with peers. He is known for his ear project work, taking first place in several categories during Earmageddon 2012. He is also known for his prowess with successful surface piercing, and his ability to relate his techniques to other piercers in simple and easy to understand ways. He is currently serving as the International Liaison for the Association of Professional Piercers. He has also just recently started designing his own gold body jewelry lines in conjunction with Dinamica Jewelry. He can be found at the tropical halls at NoKaOi Tiki Tattoo and Piercing in Philadelphia, PA.
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Courtney Jane Maxwell
Minneapolis, MN
I began my piercing career in 2005 and I’ve been with the crew at St. Sabrina’s in Minneapolis, MN. since 2012. I’m a member of the Association of Professional Piercers, and have been attending the annual A.P.P. conference for my entire career. For the past 6 years have enjoyed being an instructor as well. I like to focus on continuing education and outreach whenever possible. I’ve presented on piercing related issues for universities, medical facilities, and health education outreach groups in addition to assisting with piercing related research projects.
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Monica Sabin
Long Beach, CA
Monica Sabin has been in the piercing industry since 2009 starting in Orlando, Florida. This is where they also attended the University of Central Florida, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Dedicated to safe piercing education and giving clients the best experience possible, Monica can now be found at New Flower Studio in Long Beach, California alongside Vanessa Jo and John Johnson. Monica currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Piercers as the Membership Liaison. Overseeing the Membership Committee, they provide direction to a group of amazing volunteers furthering the APP’s mission of safe piercing by guiding professional to work within industry standards.
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West Palm Beach, FL
Shorty has been a certified body piercing in West Palm Beach, FL since 1999. He is the owner of Piercings by Shorty, LLC based inside Ink and Pistons Tattoo and Gallery. He was the recipient of the Al D. Sowers APP Conference Scholarship in 2013 and became an APP Member in 2014. Shorty has been a member of the APP Social Media committee and is currently member of the APP Legislation and Regulatory Affairs Committee. He is very active in the Florida piercing community, founding the Florida Professional Piercer Group which holds quarterly informal peer-led trainings and meetings.
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Perth & Sydney, Australia
Hi there! My name's Joeltron, and I've had a passion for body modification since as long as I can remember. The concept of altering one’s body to an aesthetic they find more pleasing has always sparked an interest in me. Growing up, I didn’t know many people who shared my interest, which was discouraging as I felt like I didn’t belong. As I gained open-minded friends, they gave me the strength and encouragement to take my interest professionally. I began my apprenticeship when I was 19 in Western Sydney, Australia, and from those humble beginnings, my passion has not stopped growing. I strive daily to give not only the best possible quality body modifications, but also the service and support that goes along with it. I opened my first studio, Stone Heart (Sydney) in 2010, and two years later opened Opal Heart (Perth), where I spend the majority of my time continuing to develop my skills and craft. I am a proud APP member and have been attending international seminars for the past 7 years where I enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion for our industry. I developed and maintain StabPad.com, a free-to-use digital release form for body modification studios that is used worldwide by over 200,000 clients in more than 750 different active studios. I am also proud to be a part of the NeilMed pro team! That’s enough about me, I want you to check out my portfolio at joeltron.com
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Oslo, Norway
His name is Jesús Cabanas but we all know him as "Sala". He began his career as a full-time professional piercer in 2003 in the Canary Islands. After a few years his curiosity to improve his skills, started to travel around the world to learn from different professionals and pioneers in the industry. After his first trip to the United States in 2007, he wanted to gather more knowledge and his research led him to study nursing and specialized in sanitary techniques, pain therapy and anesthesia. In 2012 he moved to Oslo (Norway) and began to work forming a team with Christiane, owner of Pinpoint Piercing, one of the first APP member stores in Europe, where he has continued to improve his technique every day to offer the best for his clients . In 2012 he became a member of APP and LBP, where he continues to attend and give different conferences worldwide in places like USA ,Spain, Germany, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Mexico and India and in conferences such as APP, LBP, APPE, GeP, UKAPP, Bmxnet, YOUMODIFY as an active member. In 2015, a new adventure begins as co-founder of APPE (Association of Spanish Professional Perforators) as active vice president, international liaison and organizer of the annual conference in Spain.
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