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As many areas begin phased reopening, those who have been itching to get pierced may be keen to book their appointments and finally get those piercings that they’ve been dreaming of. 

However, just like with everything else these days, there will be a new normal for piercing studios as they’re allowed to open. It’s always been imperative for piercing studios to practice excellent hygiene and disinfecting regimens, but never more so than now.

As someone who wants to get pierced, you should add a few things to your checklist when researching a reputable piercer at this time. Additionally, you need to expect a few changes when you enter your piercing studio.

Here’s what you need to know in order to get pierced safely in a COVID world.

Find a piercer who’s an APP member

While there are many excellent piercers that aren’t APP members, choosing a piercer who’s a member of the Association of Professional Piercers is always a good idea for a number of reasons. The APP is a non-profit group that works with piercers, legislators, health officials, and the public in order to educate people about the piercing world and safety practices.

They provide tons of resources so that their members are up-to-date on the most recent legislation and safety standards when it comes to piercings. Although APP members aren’t constantly held accountable by the organization, they do require yearly renewal. APP members also have access to supplemental education so that they can be at the top of their field. 

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Researching your piercer has never been more important. If your favorite piercer is not an APP member, just make sure that they are still practicing proper safety guidelines.

If your piercer is an APP member, it’s a good sign that they are informed of the latest piercing practices. This includes the APP’s Recommended Response & Recovery Interim Protocols detailing new recommended safety regulations in the midst of COVID. Based on piercing best practices as well as practices recommended by the CDC, this is probably the best piercing-specific safety resource concerning COVID-19. 

Therefore, if your piercer is an APP member, there’s a good chance that they are following the above protocols. However, if you find a piercer that you love who isn’t an APP member, they can still be reputable and follow proper guidelines; you’ll just need to do a little more research to make sure that they’re legitimate. 

It’s also important to note that the APP does not follow up with their members to ensure that they are following set guidelines, so you always need to pay attention to ensure that you and your piercer remain safe and follow best safety practices. 

Be aware of local and state mandates 

First and foremost, do not get pierced if piercing studios aren’t among the businesses allowed to open.

Many areas are opting for phased reopening. Since piercing studios are among non-essential businesses, they are usually included in later phases. In order to figure out if piercing studios are allowed to open in your area, you might need to contact your local health authorities. 

It is imperative that you follow these rules because piercing studios that break these rules are likely to bend safety rules elsewhere. It’s a good sign that the piercing studio is of ill repute if they are willing to open illegally. 

If your state and/or county has not allowed piercing studios to open yet, do not get pierced.

The piercer should follow CDP (clean, distance, protect)

A big portion of the APP’s Recommended Response & Recovery Interim Protocols details the CDP practice. This practice was created specifically for reducing the spread of COVID, and it largely combines CDC recommendations with piercing safety standards.

When you enter the piercing studio, some signs of good cleaning practices are that they’ll encourage the frequent use of hand sanitizer, consistently clean surfaces, and they’ll minimize contact between clients.

While the document goes into detail as to what studios and piercers should be doing, we’ll just talk about what each piece means and what you should look for to ensure that the studio you choose is following these practices.


As you can probably guess, this portion talks about cleaning up before, during, and after the piercing procedure. In normal times, sanitizing surfaces, changing gloves, and keeping areas clean is of utmost importance in a piercing studio. During these times, you should see some increased protocols, such as the following.

  • Encouraging clients to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.
  • Disallowing clients to handle the jewelry.
  • Frequently sanitizing surfaces such as pens, door handles, etc.


By now, we all know the importance of social distancing. But, when you’re getting pierced, social distancing might seem difficult to accomplish. There are some protocols that your piercers can put into place, however, to minimize contact.

  • Asking you to make an appointment and wait outside until the piercer is done with the client before you.
  • Conducting consultations online rather than having you come in. 
  • Asking you to fill out a health declaration form saying that you have not experienced COVID symptoms or been around those who have.


This largely refers to the use of personal protective equipment, like masks. This may be a controversial topic, but at this time, both the CDC and the APP recommend the use of PPE for both the piercer and the client. If, for whatever reason, you can’t or won’t wear these protective devices, then you should wait to get pierced until they are no longer needed.

This section also has special considerations.

  • Piercers may limit oral and nasal piercings at this time.
  • They may provide a mask when you enter and ask you to wear it the entire time.

Stay up-to-date

As we’ve all seen throughout this pandemic, the more we learn about the way COVID acts and spreads, the more we have to adjust our protocols and habits. What’s true today might change tomorrow. Before you decide to get pierced, make sure that you’re updated on recommended practices so that you and your piercer can be safe.

Woman Putting on a Mask

As we learn more, protocols may change. Make sure that you’re up-to-date before making your piercing appointment.

Right now, the focus worldwide is how to safely get as back to normal as possible. The piercing world is no different. As long as piercing studios are included in your local government’s approved businesses, and your piercer is following updated safety practices, then you can get pierced. But, you do need to make certain accommodations and expect adjustments. As always, do your research, respect the studio’s safety rules, and stay safe.

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